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We guide you through ancient ritual, connecting with and calling on your ancestors to aid and empower you. Breaking FREE from limiting beliefs and generational trauma.

we connect with you on a soul level, determining what issues are present, mentally…Physically… Emotionally… Spiritually… And generationally. Included in the report are… – negative entities – demonic forces – non-beneficial spirits – hexes, curses, and black magic – psychic cords – limiting beliefs and programming – doubts and fears


Looking for insight and spiritual guidance, gain access to the wisdom of the ancients. It’s only a phone call away.

Looking to begin your healing journey, with our ancestral healing ritual… But feeling a little overwhelmed?

We now offer the option of your coming to our sacred lands in Colorado, staying for 3 days in the privacy of your own yurt, and working with us one on one. Walking you through the process.

Healing Ritual

About The Coach

Rothi Myddrin Apkallu

A name given in a spiritual vision, later learned to mean “pomegranate” in Etruscan. (known in esoteric circles as the seed of immortality). Rothi has always marched to the beat of his own drum. Always seeking a greater understanding and awareness of the world around him. Working to gain insights into that which is hidden from the masses. From the gentle age of 7, he has been studying and gathering ancient and esoteric texts from both the Eastern and Western perspectives. Studying Kaji-Kiri, meditation, ceremonial Magic, martial arts, Yoga, and more. 

  • Bio Timeline
  • 1971 – born into a hypocritical religious family. Start seeking answers from a young age.

Benefit Of Spiritual Healing​

A practice that aims to restore a person's sense of balance and well-being on a spiritual level, can offer several benefits. Here are three potential advantages:

Emotional and mental well-being

Spiritual healing often involves techniques like meditation, energy healing, or prayer, which can help individuals manage stress, anxiety, and depression.

Physical Health Improvement

It support the body's natural healing processes and boost the immune system.

Greater Clarity And Purpose

It can provide guidance and clarity on life decisions, foster a sense of direction, and enhance a person's overall quality of life.

What People Are Saying

Miguel Cuevas Client

I was introduced to Rothi and participated in the ancestral healing ritual performed by him. The effects of this healing process were profound as emotional pain dissipated, Weights and bandages felt no more. (I feel)Three times stronger than I previously was and have a different outlook on life. All thanks to Rothi, (who has become) my lifelong friend. I have found a new purpose in life and a new direction, with more ambition for the next day than I have ever experienced in my life, Thank you Rothi for a new chance at the life I always envisioned! Cheers to Rothi and the advancement of the human race!

Subo Client

I suffer from serious spiritual illness all my life and I've seen many in search of spiritual help and nothing comes close to Rothi. He is so good in his skills and bears an abundance of spiritual knowledge and more importantly he's a good person. Most people in spiritual business are fake and try to rob you, taking advantage of your sufferings... but unlike those you can trust Rothi with your eyes closed. I definitely recommend Rothi on your spiritual problem and he will definitely solve almost any kind of problem.

Brian Daniel Edwards Client

Many people identify themselves as old soles. But, it is impossible to codify the antiquity of Rothi. He is a genuine master at his craft. As he shares his Ancient Arcane knowledge, you receive apocryphon, the knowledge which can’t be taught. But, it is the spiritual transformation which is priceless. Working with Rothi, over many years has deeply enriched my life. His knowledge combined with compassion and purpose makes him unique and irreplaceable. Regardless of where you are on your path, he will be able to guide you to your true path and purpose, giving you fulfillment in your life beyond your imagination.

What People Ask ?

Read what people ask about spiritual, healing, rituals, e.t.c.

Can someone else do a spell for me? Or do I have to do it?

While there are many who claim to be able to cast a spell for you, we believe in honesty and transparency. Walking you through the process, performing the ritual with us. To ensure not only that it is done, but that you fully understand and even feel the forces we work with. Granting you a far greater chance of success. Some ritual practices are only effective if the participant is directly involved in the process.

Is Magic Evil ?

Magic, in itself is neither good or evil. Nor are the Angels, Demons, etc. In fact, in the world of “magic” . Good and evil is determined by the will of man, as it is he who commands the forces and entities one is working with. 

What All Can You Help Me With?

To be honest, any legitimate issue can be assisted with the help of Magic. But some issues are best dealt with on a more tangible scale. As we are calling on powerful and too honest Busy entities. We like to make sure it is an issue that truly does mandate their assistance in overcoming it. And that the person we are working with is willing to do the work themselves. To help remedy the situation, and truly believes they are worthy of the improvements they ask.

Can Magic Turn On Me And Cause Harm ?

If not done properly, or for the wrong reasons. Yes! All has cause and effect. That is why we make sure to do a thorough interview with each client before taking them on. To make sure that all is done for the right reasons. Eliminating any potential suffering for all involved, to achieve the greatest success possible.

Is It Dangerous ?

Working with any powerful force is potentially dangerous, if not done correctly. We have dedicated our lives to learning the most effective and least dangerous methods of high magic, studying it’s practice dating back to the cradle of civilization, In Egypt and Babylon. 

Why Do You Ask For Money For What Many Consider As A Gift ?

We ask for compensation… For a few reasons. First and foremost. Because we live in a world where we value one places on something and the power it has is determined by how much one has invested in it. When someone gets something for little or nothing, they place the same amount of worth on it. As a result , often see little to no results, and blame the person doing the work for them.    Secondarily, Because we have spent hundreds of hours not to mention other resources in learning and honing our craft. So we can pass on our abilities to those in need. Eliminating the risk for them. Because we do all the hard work. Finally, in our asking for compensation it allows us to have the resources to help others in need who may not have the resources at their disposal.


Your Healing Ritual

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